Webinarjam Review


So you are in the market for a webinar platform?

Allow me to introduce you to one of the best, Webinarjam Studio (WJS), also just called Webinarjam.  Here is my detailed review.

(Note: Webinarjam is for conducting live and hybrid webinars.  For recorded or evergreen webinars, you can check out my Everwebinar review.)


First of all I should mention that I have been a user of Webinarjam and Everwebinar for 2+ years now.  Yes, this does tilt my review in favor of WJS, but I promise to give you the good, bad and ugly so you can make an informed decision.

Because I am a user, I’m not just going to copy what you can find on the company’s website.  I’ll give you some inside scoops that you might not have discovered.   So onward.


Webinarjam combines five softwares into one, which is great for someone just starting out in this space. This allows you to avoid the technology overwhelm that usually comes with building your webinar.  You only have to focus on one software vs. having to learn 5 different ones.

The 5 major software tools all rolled into WJS include:

  1. Landing page software
  2. E-mail auto-responder
  3. Live webinar delivery platform
  4. Webinar replay room
  5. Analytics tool

We’ll discuss each one of these later, for now let’s talk a bit about the webinar creation process.





You can see from the dashboard above that Webinarjam has a step-by-step process for creating a webinar.

This includes configuration, adding presenters, building a registration page, e-mail notifications, a thank you page and then configuring how you want to conduct your live webinar and your replay.

On the scheduling, you have the option of 1) on-demand; 2) a single webinar or 3) even a series.

For example, if you have an eight week training, you can schedule an 8-week webinar series and your registrants would only register once and receive reminders and follow-ups every week before and after the webinar for that week.


Webinarjam comes with its own pre-built landing pages for registering your guests.  They are easy to edit, but there is a limit to how much you can change based on each page.

Here’s a sample.

Some cool features of the WJS registration pages include:

  1. Dynamic timers – These count-down to your webinar based on the dates and times you have configured. This creates urgency and also gives your registrants a sense for how far out they must wait for the next available webinar.
  2. Dynamic time zone – Registrants from different parts of the world can see what time a webinar would start in their own time zones.
  3. Landing page conversion percentages – Beside each landing page it will list how well it converts based on statistics from all WJS users
  4. Your affiliate link is attached to every registration page in case you want to promote WJS. Affiliates receive 40% of the first year subscription fee.

Webinarjam also gives you the ability to use your own landing page software such as Optimizepress, Leadpages or Clickfunnels.


You can see one of the steps above is Notifications.

Webinarjam comes with a built-in notification system, which makes communicating with your webinar registrants and attendees a breeze.  You can create an unlimited number of notifications depending on your needs and situation.



For example, you can create an on-boarding sequence that you would send to your prospects prior to the webinar.

  1. Confirmation e-mail with webinar details (name, date, time of webinar, save to calendar feature)
  2. A few e-mails that highlight the benefits of attending the webinar
  3. One e-mail 24 hours prior to the webinar as a reminder
  4. A few e-mails in quick succession (60 minutes and 15 minutes) prior to the webinar, which increases your show-up rate.


You can also create a follow-up sequence that you send to prospects who are now in different places in your sales funnel. This increases the chances that someone will become a customer.

Webinarjam allows you to segment your e-mails in the following ways:

  1. Those who attended your webinar
  2. Those who registered but did not attend your webinar
  3. Those who attended and ordered your product
  4. Those who attended but did not order your product
  5. Those who attended but left before a certain time (i.e. they did not see your offer)
  6. Those who attended, stayed to a certain time but did not purchase
  7. Registered but did not attend your webinar




Integrations allows you to use your own auto-responder such as Aweber, Mailchimp or GetResponse.  You can also integrate Webinarjam with a more sophisticated CRM system such as Infusionsoft or Ontraport.

Integrations also allow you to place a pixel on every page of your webinar funnel: registration, thank you, live webinar and replay.

This is critical if you are using any kind of tracking software to track your best registration pages, engagement with your Thank You page and ROI on any advertising you might be running.

If you use a Facebook or PPC pixel, you can eventually retarget anyone who comes to those pages.


This is an area that needs improvement.  You only get one Thank You page.

It has all of the right settings, however, you can’t modify it too much.  The calendar icons are a cool feature allowing your registrants to save their webinar details directly into their calendars.

You can also add a survey to get feedback from your registrants.


There are some great options when configuring your live webinar and webinar replay.  This includes:

  1. Creating your offers ahead of time with image and call to action.
  2. Timer, which allows you to create urgency
  3. Offer countdown – A great little feature which shows how many special offers are still available
  4. Creation of surveys
  5. For webinar replays, you can choose to have a replay and for how long


Creating a webinar in WJS is fairly straightforward.  The steps are very self-explanatory, there is a fair amount of excellent training included with your purchase and support is incredibly helpful.

As a WJS user you have access to a private Facebook group of 17,000 users.  It doesn’t matter what you are experiencing, someone has already gone through it and has figured out a solution.  The WJS community is one of the friendliest and most helpful you’ll find anywhere online.

Another great feature is that your webinars are automatically recorded for you and become part of your YouTube channel.

Finally, I should mention that WJS also provides a concierge, done-for-you service if you prefer to outsource the webinar creation process.


Webinarjam will run you $397 per year, but it is worth every penny.  It has been built from the ground up with the webinar creator in mind.  All of the tools you will need to create a winning webinar have been incorporated.


If you need some help in creating your webinars, consider becoming a part of the Webinar Autopilot Bootcamp.

It’s a 90-day, hands-on, mentored membership that guides you through the entire webinar creation process: identifying your customer, building your product, landing page, webinar, notifications, getting people to register and to purchase.

It’s all there.