Major Obstacles to Creating a Profitable Webinar

Executive Summary (if you only have three minutes)

Major obstacles to a profitable webinar

  • No clarity on customer fundamentals – You don’t have a clear picture of your prospect or his / her problems, needs and desires and you are targeting too broadly
  • No confidence in presenting / selling – You feel insecure or unsure as you present and you are afraid of coming across as a used car salesman
  • No concise strategy for acquiring new customers – You are overwhelmed by the amount of information you must master in order to attract prospects to your webinars
  • No comprehensive technical solution – You are overwhelmed by how much technology you must master in order to put on a webinar

Solutions to these obstacles

  • No clarity on customer fundamentals – You must develop a comprehensive customer profile to know your prospects better than they know themselves.  Then, target sub-niches.  Instead of broad marriage and family therapy go after married couples who both work.
  • No confidence in presenting / selling – Be overly prepared. Write out a script of everything you will say and practice it over and over.  As for selling, don’t sell, inspire instead.  You have solutions to people’s problems.
  • No concise strategy for acquiring new customers – Focus on one customer profile, one customer need, one offer and one advertising platform at a time.  Become an expert in ONES and you’ll have a competitive edge over everyone else who is scattershot.
  • No comprehensive technical solution – Consider a webinar platform that incorporates landing page, autoresponder, webinar room and analytical tools.  In the beginning, your customer profile is more important than your technology.

If you want to dive deep, check out the remaining content below.

If you need help, training and someone to hold your hand through this webinar creation process then consider becoming a charter member of the Webinar Autopilot System.

Introduction (for those who want to dive deep)

Before introducing you to the Webinar Autopilot System, I thought it would be helpful to look at some of the major obstacles that stand between you and creating a profitable webinar that runs on auto-pilot.

We can summarize these obstacles in the following ways:

  • No clarity on customer fundamentals.
  • No confidence in presenting / selling
  • No concise strategy for acquiring new customers
  • No comprehensive technical solution

Let’s dive into each of these to see how they are hampering your ability to get your message out through the power of webinars.

No clarity on customer fundamentals

Many soloprenuers, consultants, coaches and small business owners suffer in growing their brand or business because they are not clear on basic business fundamentals. These include:

  1. No clearly defined market or customer profile
  2. Vague understanding of a prospect’s problems, needs, goals or desires
  3. Bland or generic offers that do not inspire prospects to take the required action

All three of these factors are tightly connected in a typical sales cycle.  Thus, if you have ambiguity in any one factor, whether it’s prospect, need or solution, or all three, you are less likely to attract the right person with the right offer.

Niches Are the Answer

In order to provide some clarity in these areas, you want to be thinking in terms of niches.

Niches are subsets of people, within larger groups.  Thus, a weekend motorcycle hobbyist and a Harley Davidson owner would both be niches (subsets) of the larger motorcycle owners group.

If you were a therapist specializing in marriage and family counseling, married couples where both spouses were working would be a niche (subset) of the much larger married group.

Now often, entrepreneurs will say that their product or service can benefit a larger swathe of people. Why limit the number of prospects, right? After all, wouldn’t EVERY married couple benefit from having better communication skills or knowing how to create intimacy, if this were your offer?

And besides, wouldn’t you be leaving money on the table if you started to define your market more narrowly?

Well, you would think that, wouldn’t you?

The problem, however, is that when you appeal to everyone, your offer sounds generic.  It doesn’t call to anyone in particular.  It doesn’t make them turn their head.

And that’s what you want!

You want prospects to hear your message and think, “he/she is talking directly to me!” A come one come all message does not make anyone feel special.

By contrast, marketing your counseling to married couples where both spouses work gives you important and actionable insights right away.

For example, these couples are probably quite busy and may even be leading separate lives. What they desperately need is help in creating a greater sense of intimacy with the time they do have together.

And, oh by the way, they’ve got a ton of disposable income to spend on your solution.

Can you see how your message can be shaped PRECISELY for this market and for this need?  The very tone, language and words will practically write your copy.  “Are You and Your Husband Like Two Ships Passing in the Night?”

Do you understand?

When you have a clearly defined prospect, your message and offer will practically leap from the pages, because it will identify a specific need, for a specific person and provide a specific solution.

That’s the power of having clarity on your customer fundamentals.

No prospects for your webinars

On a somewhat related note, by not having clarity on your customer fundamentals, I can almost guarantee that you will have trouble filling up your webinar, or at least filling it up with prospects who are most interested in your offer.

For many people, this is a justifiable fear.

What if no one shows up after spending time, energy and money creating this awesome webinar?

But this is the tyranny of appealing to the masses again. Your message is too bland.  It doesn’t turn enough heads nor the right kind.

However, when you have clarity on your customer fundamentals everything changes.  Your message becomes like a laser and it becomes attractive precisely to the people that are most likely to purchase your product or service.

And that is a winning formula if you ask me.

Comprehensive Customer Profile

In the Webinar Autopilot System, we walk you through the process of creating a Comprehensive Customer Profile using our fill-in-the-blank blueprint.

The profile is a detailed breakdown of your prospect’s demographics, influences, interests, needs, wants and desires, When you are through, you’re going to know your prospects better than they know themselves.

And you’re going to be able to craft compelling messages that have a magnetic pull on your prospects.

The Comprehensive Customer Profile also teaches you the value of finding smaller niches in which to sell your product or service.  It’s better to be the big fish in a smaller pond, than one of the minions swimming around trying to find your next meal.

Let the big boys or girls fight over the generic weight loss industry.  You just work on mothers who have had three or more children.

It’s a smaller market, yes, but one in which a compelling offer would make all the difference in the world for those poor mothers who have yet to regain their shape.

A smaller niche allows you to tailor both your message and solution in a way that attracts your prospects and makes them feel as if you are speaking directly to them.  Guess what?  Not only will you be communicating directly, you’ll be using the words and thoughts they would use.

In addition, smaller niches allow you to carve out an authority position.  You become the go-to person for that niche.

That’s the power of having clarity on your customer fundamentals.

No Confidence in Presenting or Selling

Another set of obstacles or fears that keep you from creating your perfect webinar has to do with your actual presentation.

You’re either afraid of screwing up or you feel very uncomfortable asking for the sale.

Guess what? These are very natural responses.

Speaking on a live webinar can be intimidating. You can’t take back anything you say.  In the broadcast industry, at least they have a five second delay just in case they need to cut the feed.

Perhaps you also fear choking up.

Or just maybe, there’s a little voice in your head that makes you doubt your ability to speak on your subject or maybe even makes you question whether you have the right to be speaking on this topic.

Who made you the expert?

Sell Me a River

In terms of selling, good grief!

You dread having to turn yourself into a used car salesman (with my apologies to anyone who happens to be in this much maligned industry).

And, if you’re honest, you’re not very good at selling anyway.

Besides, would anyone actually pay for your product or service?  Is your stuff so good that you can charge several hundred or even several thousand dollars to get it?

Isn’t most of it available on YouTube anyway, for free?  You get the picture.

All of these questions and anxieties are quite natural, especially if you’ve never conducted a liver webinar before.  For some folks, these fears represent the only barrier to entry.

Preparation Leads to Execution

In the Webinar Autopilot System, we tackle both of the presenting and selling anxieties  head-on.  We believe that the key to overcoming said anxieties is to be super-prepared.

Thus, using our Webinar Preparation Blueprint, we walk you through creating a webinar presentation that you will be proud to deliver.

We break down the different stages of the webinar and show you how to make them engaging. We go over the content of EVERY single slide so that nothing is left to chance.

By the time you are finished with this process you will have a tightly scripted, content rich webinar that will inspire confidence and put your prospects in the right frame of mind to hear your offer.

And so you’re not totally green, the Webinar Preparation Blueprint builds in several dry runs so you can get used to the technology and how best to conduct a live webinar.

Don’t Sell, Inspire Instead

Oh, and speaking about that offer.

In the Webinar Autopilot System we teach you how to break down the features and benefits of your offer in a way that is attractive to your prospects.  We also show you the best way to present your offer for maximum impact.

More importantly, however, we teach you how to think differently about your product or service, indeed about yourself.

Let me put it this way.

If you think that you are selling someone and that you need to convince someone to buy, then you will come across as salesy, desperate, and breathless, you know, exactly the kind of person you dislike buying from.

However, in the Webinar Autopilot System, we teach you how to reframe your offer, indeed, how to reframe all that you do.

You are no longer a salesperson.  Instead you are a problem solver.  You are a change maker.  You help people solve problems, do more, and live better in small or large ways.

You are in the opportunity and inspiration business!

And people are always searching for someone like that.

No Concise Strategy for Acquiring Customers

Another major headache, and perhaps the biggest obstacle standing between you and your successful webinar is that you have no concise strategy or system for acquiring customers.

This is the tyranny of having too many option and to much information.

Everyday, you are told to master a different strategy if you want to be successful.  One day it’s Facebook ads, another day it’s SEO.  Then it’s imperative you write tons of content and don’t forget social media.  If you’re not on Pinterest, you’re missing out, right?

And so you create accounts for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and each one promises you a big load of prospects.

And the truth is that each of those platforms sits empty with but a few status updates, videos or tweets.

But you don’t give up because you know the secret exists somewhere out there.  After all, how else did that guy make 10K per month on YouTube?  And so you keep subscribing to every lead magnet, webinar, live stream conference, Facebook group or blog hoping to find the next hack, tip, secret or trick that will unlock the keys to your business.

There is a better way.

The Simplify Solution

So let me offer you a solution to this problem, that will probably be very hard for you to do.

Turn it all off!

Don’t buy another tool, don’t sign-up for another webinar or video course, don’t download another lead magnet!  Unsubscribe yourself from every e-mail list.  It’s likely you’re bombarded with 100s of unwanted messages every day anyway.  This will save you some time.

After that.  Pick one system, strategy or platform and master it.

I would prefer that you chose our system, which teaches how to master Facebook ads.  We’d love to have you aboard. But if it isn’t Facebook, choose something else, but only that.

You want to become an expert in something that gives you an edge over everyone else who is just as scattershot as you have been.  You want to rise above the noise.

I’m serious.

As an example, If you were to become an expert in Facebook advertising (that means you know all the ins, outs, bells and whistles that lead to higher conversions), your business would skyrocket and every webinar creator on the planet would come to you to learn your secrets.

They would probably pay you handsomely for the knowledge!

Our Streamlined Solution

If you do decide to tackle webinars, then we’ve got the answer to too many options and too much information.

First of all, we only do one thing, and that is webinars.  Secondly, we’ve simplified the process into a bare bones selling machine.  The power comes in the simplicity of doing a few things extremely well.

And when something works, scaling the heck out of it.

It begins with a Streamlined Prospect Acquisition Strategy, which was designed to do one thing: fill your webinars with the prospects that are most likely to respond favorably to your offer.

It consists of four elements that work together.

  1. Defining a single comprehensive customer profile
  2. Defining a single problem or need for that customer profile
  3. Developing a single compelling offer to sell your product or service
  4. Designating a single traffic source

As you can see, we’re all about a single element.  When you only work one thing, you become extremely proficient.  Indeed, you develop an expertise and in the entrepreneurial context, that is a huge competitive advantage for you.

The second part of our solution is our Streamlined Customer Acquisition Strategy, which is designed to do two things: 1) Get your registered prospects to show up for you webinar; 2) convert them into customers.

It consists of four elements that work together:

  1. Getting them to show – Pre-webinar on-boarding e-mail sequence
  2. Getting them to buy – Creating a webinar presentation that converts
  3. Getting them to buy at a later time – Post-webinar e-mail sequence
  4. Getting them to buy on autopilot – Setting up an automated sales funnel

As you can see, the whole process is laid out in bare but powerful simplicity.  There are fewer moving parts thus fewer things to learn, track and fix.

In addition, in the Webinar Autopilot System, we’ve created all of the materials you’ll need to walk through the process: blueprints, checklists, worksheets, outlines.  Everything is laid out, step-by-step so you can achieve the goal of a profitable and autopilot webinar in 90 days or less.

Focus on Metrics

The final piece of our concise strategy for acquiring customers is a detailed blueprint for how to measure your success.  We don’t guess about what types of prospects are signing up for your webinars, which ads are working, which landing pages have a better conversion, or which offer is getting more sales.

We use all of the analytical tools at our disposal in order to accurately pinpoint the weak spots in our sales cycle.  When we find the leak, you’ll know exactly how to patch it up.  And, when we find something that works, we scale it and introduce more of it into your sales cycle.

Finally, once you have a funnel running that is running smoothly and converting with a positive ROI, you can create an automated, autopilot webinar that will sell your product or service while you sleep.

It’s not quite set it and forget it, but it’s the closest thing.

Here’s the bottom line.  If you don’t track EVERYTHING that you do, you have no idea what is working and what is not and where to scale or cut back.

If you’re interested in this side of your business check out The One-Hour Guide to Tracking Everything, which was created Patrick Kelly, the CEO of Clickmagick.

No Comprehensive Technical Solution

In the previous section I talked a bit about information overload.  In this section it’s really about technical overload.

The truth is that running a live webinar can be a bit daunting if you are unsure about technology.  Even if you are tech saavy, there are still enough moving parts in a live webinar to cause some anxiety.

On top of that, you will need a few software programs to create a winning sales process.

  1. To register your participants will require a landing page software like Leadpages, Optimizepress or Clickfunnels.
  2. The pre-webinar and post-webinar communications will require an auto-responder like Mailchimp or Aweber.
  3. You’ll need some type of webinar software from which to conduct your presentation and then another software to turn them into autopilot presentations.
  4. If you want to make pre-recorded videos, that’s another software like Screenflow or Camtasia plus a quality microphone or a web camera if you want to get fancy.

Streamlined Technology Strategy

In the Webinar Autopilot System, we are all about simplicity, at least as you get started.

This is why we highly recommend Webinarjam Studio for your live presentations and Everwebinar for your recorded ones.

Both feature and amazing array of registration, communication, presentation, and sales tools that allow you to deliver a high quality, interactive and professional webinar.  In addition, you have access to a host of analytics tools to gauge what is working or not.

Indeed, there are 5 major software tools all rolled into one.

  1. Landing page software
  2. E-mail auto-responder
  3. Analytics tool
  4. Webinar replay room
  5. Live / recorded webinar creation and delivery platform

Of course, you are free to add other programs or services to your Webinarjam or Everwebinar systems.  They both integrate with different landing page, auto-responder and customer relations management programs.

Often, however, entrepreneurs make the mistake of buying expensive software and equipment. Afterward, they spend their time building out their website, tweaking the little things that don’t make a difference or endlessly testing their systems

Don’t fall into that technology trap.  Before you do anything you must identify your market and build a product / service that is in demand.

Technology will only carry you about 15%.  The rest has to do with how well you have identified your prospect and how well you understand the problem you are trying to solve for them.


We began by talking about the four biggest obstacles or fears to creating a profitable webinar that runs on Auto-Pilot.

  • No clarity on customer fundamentals
  • No confidence in presenting / selling
  • No concise strategy for acquiring new customers
  • No comprehensive technical solution

I hope this article has opened your eyes to the solutions that are necessary to overcome these obstacles.

If you need some help with any of these strategies, consider becoming a charter member of the Webinar Autopilot System, where we cover each of these important phases in much greater detail.

Here’s to your webinar success!